The driving force behind Caminostones.com is Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets. Artist, dreamcatcher and adventurer.
Using the name Mural Mania, you can see my artwork here.

The second pillar of the project is Jelle Haandrikman. Since the beginning of the project in 2015 he is involved with the project. Here you find his website.
The development of the website is accomplished by the 2 of them.

In the summer of 2015 Andrea carried out the first project with miniature painted stones: “Project Stone”. In 2,5 months she walked 1470 kilometer to construct an artroute with 61 painted stones. Each day she left one stone on the walking trail. Each stone was painted by her in the Netherlands, for a message or story from one of the 61 participants on the project. On the back of the stone she painted the name of the website.

This artroute is carried out between Espalion (France) to Santiago de Compostella (Spain). Here you find an overview of the project.

With only 10 kilos of luggage and 1 kilo of painted stones backpacking for the first time appeared to be an amazing experience! And carrying out the artroute was an essential part of the adventure.

During this trip the idea for Caminostones was born. An ongoing artproject which consists of artroutes and travelling stones. Already there are 3 artroutes layed out. And 20 stones set out to travel on their own! In 2019 a new, international project will be carried out from Maastricht to Santiago de Compostella. This project will consist of an artroute of 2532 kilometer and 99 travelling stones. These stones will be painted for the messages and stories of 99 participants.
It turns out not to be about the ultimate goal…but the (walking) path leading up to it.

Preregistration with your story or message for the next project is possible.

More info info@caminostones.com

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