Caminostones is a project of Visual Artist Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets.
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2021: 23 & 24 November:
‘t is gedoan.
It is done.
Het is klaar:
600 miles: from Seville to Granja de Moreruela.

25 Traveling stories and miniature painted caminostones I left behind.
4 of these are already traveling to new locations!
Thank you: everyone who has followed Caminostones project over the past few weeks.
To the participants:
Kitty, Nour, Jelle, Tresi, Stef, Zozan, Carin, Diane, Robert.
The (known to me) finders of the stones and stories on this route: Alois, Felix, Mirjam, Terence, Museo Casa Lis.

A special and wonderfully challenging path.
Fair and free.
Stretched, sometimes unbelievably beautiful, sometimes poor.
Rolling path, without end of the day.
Pure and rich in simplicity.
Untouched, alone, with sometimes surprising encounters.

Thanks to Jelle who took care of everything at home.
Thanks to all the unexpected and sometimes special encounters:
The two “Wienerschnitzels”, Marine, Peter, Antoine, Fedder, Katrine, Christiane, Mirjam, Johannes, Pauli and the rest.

2021: 19 November: Update:
The Museo Casa Lis found the traveling stone I left for the museum!
This Art Nouveau museum is one of the special places on the Via de la Plata
4 of the 21 traveling stones have already been found:
-One has been reported in at a pilgrimage road in Austria.(ro)
-One is on its way to southern Germany (lb)
-One to England.
4 more miniatures and stories will follow!

2021: 11 november:
The end of October to the end of November.
Gathering on the Camino Via de la Plata for a new art work, after the trail…..
600 km. – 25 dagen .

2021: 28 oktober – 23 november: Caminostones & more: Deel van de Via de la Plata (Spain): Sevilla – Granja de Moreruela (ca. 600 km). Meer info hier.

The 27th of October 2021 a new Caminostones project starts, on one of the (inter)national hiking trails. A route of miniature painted stones is layed out, each stone with an additional story. There will be daily updates. Each stone on this route carries a unique story or message that can be discovered through a label. The stories are from participants or connected to the route. The stones can be taken by walkers, to spread the story they have discovered and/or share it for the next finder.
The aim is to inspire and connect followers and finders of the stones.
This is the 5th Caminostones project on the (inter)national hiking trails.
The route is carried out within the possibilities of the corona measures.
For this reason there is a plan A to D:
A. Via de la Plata, Spain (the part between Seville and Granja de Moreruela), approx. 600 km.
B. The Coastal Path, Netherlands, approx. 700 km.
C. The coastal path with tent.
D. Various routes from home, including the Hertogentrail. Together 600 km.

From the 27th of October it is possible to follow the project on this page. If the stories inspire you, both the participants and I would love you to comment!

In addition to the Caminostones project, this walk also marks the start of a other work. I will collect materials daily to map the route. After returning, the days, stages and the accompanying stories are connected in one, new artwork.

2021:21 februari: Artist talks “Where Artists meet Artists and No Borders exist”,
(Artist talks Walk of Shame EU):
met Zozan Hamo
Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets.
Lucia Knops
Zeinab Nourzehi

2020: autumn: This year, I will not travel with Caminostones myself.
But the travelling heart stones will! A lot of stones have been reported in and photographed on beautiful places.
Do you know a nice place for a friendly stone?
Follow the journey of the travelling hearts:
Will you be travelling, or walk in nature? You can participate!. Send me a message to receive a travelling heart.

2020: Februari: Lecture: Caminostones on the road, what’s next

2020: 18 January: Lecture Caminostones: Spain is More/ vakantiebeurs

25-07-2019: A week after our arrival in the Netherlands is the Caminostones very much alive!
With updates of stones travelling and being reported in, beautiful comments and photo’s, almost every day!
The Hamster ( 2 top photo’s) is photographed on a mountain top in Hungarij. In this link you can view the adventures of this stone, the comments en journey itself:

The stone of Jelle (bottom 2 photo’s) has already visited multiple places!
The smile of the finder of the stones is one of the purposes of this project!

The first stone to travel to Scotland!:

The brown beers travelled to Paris:

Yes, the arrival in Santiago!!
After starting april first, walking 2531 km.. Of which the last four weeks with Jelle❤️

Time for a fun update!:

101 stones have been layed out.
Of the 86 travelling stones, 21 are reported in on a new location!!!?❤️❤️❤️

A few special ones:
-The hamster travelled to the end oof te world (Fisterra)
(Photo left bottom)

-The hazel mouse travelled to ZSouth-Africa! (Photo right top)
-The remarkable story of Armin travelled to an inspiring place. And also received some beautiful responses.(you can read them here and respond also)
(Photo right bottom):

Of course I will keep you up to date with remarkable developments!.. (and yes, there are some new ideas)
Thank you participants and followers of this project! It is because of your enhousiasm that this project could be carried out. ❤️

Special thanks to Jelle for helping me in developing the website for Caminostones.
Also thanks to an amazing team of friends who helped out at home: Robert, Natasha, Theo and Petra.
Special thanks to Praktijk Namaste for helping me with my injury’s, also when I was abroad.

05-07-2019: Only 5 more stones will be layed out for the Caminostones project. It is time for a fun update!

A stone with butterfly flew from France to the most famous place for stones on the Camino Frances. There it waits until someone discovers it’s story en takes it to another beautiful spot…

The stone with the inspiring story of Margriet, Anita and Patrick received a beautiful addition: a flower and response with encouraging words.
This stone has already been reported in 6 times on different placed in France. It waits with this cross on its net destination.

27-06-2019: Today Jelle and I walked south from Astorga on the Camino Frances on to the Via de la Plata.
On this trail I will carry out the last part of my project: a remaining 450 km. and 12 stones until Santiago de Compostella.

Of the 88 miniature painted stones with stories, that I layed out on the camino, already 16 have been reported in! And even more are currently travlling with pelgrims all over the world..
The stones have found new amazing places and receive beautiful responses.…

Photo: the first stone the I left april 1st in Maastricht (the Netherlands). From there it travelled to a beautiful lake in Canada. It is currently on the road to Colarado!

An overview of all the stones:

05-06-2019: Today the arrival at the French border. I walked about 1500 km. through Belgium and France!

The 65th stone that I lay out today is for Tjeerd, the last stone in France.
With this, my french adventure ends!
Tommorrow I go up: 1400 meter, on the Pyreneeës. Than the Spanish adventure will start.

21-5-2019: Day 50. Half of the Caminostones have been layed out!

In about 2 weeks I have crossed France and will enter Spain. This will be the 3rd country on this route..

Today more reports on traveling stones:

Especially: a butterfly that traveled to Vietnam!
And from there on, it continues its journey to Australia:<

The stone of Natasha (photo) traveled to Reims:

The bumble bee, bumbles in France:

The stone with the European rollers, rolls currently through Belgium:

On the very quiet trails through Belgium and France, there are currently 12 stones that have been reported in.
And that are a lot of enthousiastic wlkers searching for them!…

2019-05-03: The Caminostones project is currently doing well!
With a lot of stones travelling, o.o. the next ones:

The stone of Xander has been relocated to the cathedrale of Bourgos, and received a poem:

The stone of Margriet started its journey right away:

The stone with this butterfly traveled to the blue sea:

The stone of Valia:

23-04-2019: The project is already active! Super fun!
I would love to let you know that yesterdays stone is traveling with a dutch pilgrim. It will be returning to the Netherlands, after visiting Santiago first! to be continued..

The blue butterfly is found by a french man. He send this nice e-mail, which I love to share with you.

2019-04-11: Today: crossing the border with France!

België merci beaucoup for your hospitality, the amazing people, fries, Leffe beer and spending the night at the Leff abby. The beautiful and soft hills, to enjoy and build my physical strenght. I will return!

2019-04-10: Amazing! Already 2 stones out of the 10 Caminostones are travelling.

The gnomestone travelled to Switserland:
Met dank aan Natacha.
The music stone traveled a bit in Dinant and is currenly in the Netherlands. Check it out:

The first stone is left in the Netherlands! It is taken by 2 nice people and will ben left in Canada in June!
It is the Pyrenean Desman, adopted by Katelijn.
This is the strangest species that I painted for this project.
This animal lives in France and Spain. It lives in water. Its nose does not only look like a snorkel! It is used with the same purpose. It allows the animal to breathe while in the water.
This vulnerable species only lives in Pyrenees water.

2019: april-juli: on the road.
Uitvoering kunstproject/route Caminostones, tussen Maastricht (Nl) en Santiago de Compostella (Sp)

April 1st 2019 start of the Caminostones project.

100 Miniature painted stones wil be layed on an art route of over 2500 km., between Maastricht (NL) and Santiago (ES).
-Every day one stone with one story or message (daily updates on fb).

-Stones that will be relocated.
-Adventures on the road.
-Photo’s and responses by the finders of the stones and their stories.

Enjoy the project on my website facebook, instagram of twitter!

2019: april-juli: on the road.
Carrying out art project Caminostones, between Maastricht (Nl) and Santiago de Compostella (Sp)

2018-06-04: What a nice surprise! An item about Caminostones in the Happinez, nr. 4 2018.

2018-04-13: Live @ Radio Sur Place.!
From 20.00 untill 21.00: a conversation with Tieneke Verstegen about Caminostones

2018-03-29: Caminostones at the news of Omroep Venlo!

2018-03-28: a nice article at the website of Omroep Venlo

2018-03-27: A very wellwritten article by Kim Noach for newspaper the Limburger!

2018-03-15: Beautiful written article in the newsletter of March of the Dutch association of Sint Jacob

2018-03-06: Interview on de website of the ANWB

2018-02-03 tot 04-03: Walking- and cyclingfair, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands

2018-02-24: Article in the Dutch newspaper Trouw

Wauw, Trouw has puclished an article about Caminostones!

2018: Februari and March: Screening of a dia about Caminostones

At Movietheater De Nieuwe Scene in the Netherlands! As preview before the movie starts! This is really super!

2017: decembre. Interview with the Chambre of Commerce.

2017: 11 en 12 November. Exhibition at the art fair “National Artdays” in Nieuwegein (The Netherlands).
List of participants


2017: 2 en 3 September. Representing Caminostones at the makerfaire in Eindhoven (The Netherlands).
Click here for info



2017-08-10. Article on the artroutes of Caminostones by Wandelnet.
Click here for the article.

2017-08-12My lightning talk on #Caminostones at sha2017……or how it is possible to explain (and understand) this extended art project in just over 8 minutes (in English) Starting at 6:38 minuten.
Click here for the presentation.

2016-08-08Presentation on Caminostones, combined with the documentaire “Compostella” in Cinema the Nieuwe Scene in Venlo (the Netherlands).


2015-12Article on Project Stone in Ultreia, a newsletter of the Dutch society of Saint Jacob.
Ultreia 53(1)

2015-11-28The finale for Project Stone in Cinema the Nieuwe Scene, in Venlo.

2015-11-10Interview on Project Stone for


2015-06-30Interview with newspaper De Limburger on Project Stone.

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