Participation art project

  • Thank you for applying to Caminostones!
    Your story will be part of the next project in 2021 or 2022.

    Participation is free.
    This project is realized through your participation.

    Each miniature stone is unique and painted by me, inspired by your story! You can choose between two types of stones: a traveling or a resting stone. The stone with your story will be laid out on one of the international foot trails on the next project. A copy of the miniature painted stone will be send to your address. Participating costs € 20,00 (excl Shipping)

    Please fill out this page with your information to participate:
  • The miniature painting of the artist is inspired by your story, message or image. But the defined choice for the painting is up to the artist. The stones ordered by you are travelling or part of the art route. They will not be fysically delivered at your place of residence. The stone will get it's own webpage, on which your story or message will be published. On this page you will also see a picture of the painted stone, the location and additional comments. This page will be public. It is your choice whether you want to publish your story anonymus with your first name, completely anonymus or dedicated to another person(s). The personal information you send me to register will remain private and protected. For more information please read the terms of delivery.