Welcome to Caminostones

An inspiring artproject of travelling miniatures

Caminostones is a nice art project based on hidden stories and messages and miniature painted stones.

The goal is to pleasently surprise the finders of these stones. And to connect people through their stories.

The stones carry each, their own personal story or are connected to a trail. The story is the inspiration for the miniature painting on the stone.
The story is revealed through the label attached to the stone, it links to a webpage with an explanation.

Travelling stones carry a textlabel: “Let me travel!”.
Whomever finds this stone, may help it on its journey….
Through your mobile phone you can report a new location and a response.

There are already 5 projects carried out on (inter)national walking trails.
A first art route from Espalion (France) naar Santiago de Compostella (Es). The 2nd art route parallel to the Floris5-trail.
A 3rd route at the north-south trail (bewteen Pieterburen and the Pieterberg (NL).
A 4th route in 2019 between Maastricht(NL( en Santiago(ES). A 5th route in oktober-november 2021, between Sevilla and Granja de Moreruela (ES)..

Caminostones is een project by visual artist Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets.
Info: info@caminostones.com