Welcome to Caminostones

An inspiring artproject of travelling miniatures

Caminostones is a very nice project that exists through travelling stones and free artroutes.
The first artroute is from Espalion (France) to Santiagio de Compostella (Spain. The 2nd artroute is situated parallel to the Floris5-trail. The 3rd route with additional travelling stones is layed out on the Noord-zuidpad trail in the Netherlands. A 4th project will be carried out between Maastricht and Santiago from April to July 2019

Each of the travelling stones has its own, personal message of story of the participant of the project. This story or message is the inspiration for my miniaturepainting. With some from the hiker who finds the stone, the story spreads and develops into something new….Every travelling stone and its story can be followed through its own webpage.

“Resting stones on the trail form the artroute. These stones also carry the story of a participant.
It is easy to find and walk an artroute with QR-codes and mobile website.

Do you want to become part of the next artproject with your message or story? Click here.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info info@caminostones.com

Caminostones is a project of visual artist Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets.

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2 reacties op “Welcome to Caminostones”

  1. Alison Hansell says:

    I would really like to take part in this scheme I am walking The Camino de Santiago leaving the UK in July

    1. andrea says:

      Hi Alison, that is great! I send you an e-mail with more info. I wish you buen Camino. Love and greetings, Andrea